Is there a program that can recover a disk?

I have my hard drive formatted but I have (to make backup) forgot some important files to kopiren I can somehow recover my hard drive?

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You can save a lot, but the operating system is probably lost. Here are a pair of good tools. Http://

There are programs. eg PC INSPECTOR File Recovery 4.0

I myself have something other uses, think it's just not. Works but relatively. Sometimes it is not possible to restore everything. If you are not writing to disk anch formatting, the data Everlust is quite low.

Hope this will go deeper.

http: // ...

Wish you good luck!

is important that you as First bit-true 1: anfertigst on raw data plane 1 sector copy and take in connection only on this your rescue attempts. The danger is in the mistaken overwriting the original data by "accidentally" newly described sectors.

A few weeks ago I found this a blog entry: https: // ...

you can try this:

Since there are special companies for. Costs a few hundred euros.

Thank you all have the geant worter! :) Really I can not say correctly immoment which response was good waiting a few days!

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