Is there a protection or not?

I had taken my pill regularly and then I made after the 3 weeks break and I should take the pill again on the 8th day at 9:30, but I forgot the pill and they like until the 8th day at 17.30 the next day occupied & Stayed at 9.30. May I have unprotected sex or is one week no further protection?

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  • The delay time on the right day is not a problem. You have the freedom to choose when you take the pill at the beginning of a new cycle. The previous time the next day is not a problem. You are safely protected.
  • Personally, I feel the time 9:30 chosen as rather awkward because you're not going there ever be in school or otherwise go. practical it is to be taken as the evening while brushing the pill and make them available even when the dentifrice things. If you were to take the pill as usually at 22:00, then you could always take "time" 20:00 to 00:00, which can accurately scope, to take them as front parties time sooner or after long evenings afterwards ,

Since you were still in the 12-hour period for nachnehmen, you were allowed to be still protected. Read the package insert.

Why do not you take it easy in the evening before bedtime? Have I ever done that.

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