Is there a psychological disorder where for example the shoes differently rearranging in this case, the mother and the child totally freaking (is everywhere else in lingerie?

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Did I understand your question correctly:
mother admits things differently one, as the child has done (or pushes things on - from their perspective) and if the child then noticed it freaks out?

I know autistics who have a unique way or "System" to arrange their things. Since a small change has caused every time total restlessness.

My son (he is autistic) therefore has only put away (from clothing to school stuff) Only his things. However, he also knew always ready to hand, where there was what. The had to rectify only once, otherwise he would not rest found my kind of order.

This "very different order" can also belong to different disorders.

Either she has something to hide, depending on age and does not want that one goes to their things or it could be as prescribed / in already be accepted positively says a neurosis or

This could be possibly ne neurosis, but need not be. Assigns it as well as other stuff over to an order and other neurotic stuff?

This is an obsessive-compulsive disorder:

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