Is there a way to Area 51 to work?

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I am interested for a long time on the subject of Area 51. It's just totally thrilling and exciting! Nobody knows anything about this facility and that's why it makes it also interesting again. But they also do pure anyway? As a normal passer you have no chance. There are definitely a lot of sensors, receivers or microphones were hidden in a huge radius. Supposedly there are snipers Delta Force (best snipers in the world) to defend the A51. Whether this is true, no one knows ... but it would be interesting to talk a few more facts about this place to learn. But my question is now ....... Coming somehow in there without being shot down? Can there begin any work? I would be very happy about some answers :)


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Coming somehow in there without being shot down?

No, there is not pure. It is perhaps not the same shot, but comes in you can not drink.

Can there begin any work?

No. Hike from the US Air Force close to you, then you come there not perhaps pure, but certainly as a civilian; certainly not with NEM tourist visa.

If you want to find out about the A51, then most likely via Remote Viewing. By contrast, nothing was able to take relevant. But as "green-behind-the-ears" as your question sounds like it would make you problems, which you will find there.


It works like any job: Jobs, what else? If you have completed a scientific or technical studies, the chances are even greater than with an apprenticeship as a banker.

Ask someone from the DARPA or the competent Deinststellen. But if it should go to secret military projects, it is difficult to get a job, but you can find out exact only when you try it at all times.

Even at the top-secret "Manhattenprojekt" were Americans employed with a migration background, so all answers given here, who reject an activity, probably of no expertise are clouded.

Shot down there you shall first not be, especially because there thou shalt make the impression of an unsuspecting touri, you will probably only slightly rustic from the areal be brought. Trial because better not rumzuschnueffeln haha

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