Is there an alternative charging cable for charging mobile phones?

From my S3, the charging socket is broken and the charging cable is therefore no longer possible load. Are there alternative charge it's battery.

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Two possibilities:

1) Battery rausnehmen, fully charged spare battery in and the empty insert into the still buying charger.

2) The already repeatedly called induction charging you can find for example here:

The latter is more expensive, but definitely cool, and probably better for the mechanical durability of the battery cover.

There my knowledge, an induction loading example of Pearl, the one attached to the battery and then just lays on a plate.

if thou take battery out of the phone and upload it directly

a charging cable you need always - when S3 normally MicroUSB to USB or socket connection ... with a normal USB cable (microUSB to USB) there are several ways ... External Battery, PC (bad for the cell phone battery) , with me in Salzburg even in trolleybus

Yes there sone area since legse the phone on it and it loads. On the other hand you can use the NEN mini usb connection but also any cable has

PC? A new charging cable you need anyway. Would a company with 1 Ampere.

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