Is there an auto search "bot" for clash of clans that gives phone to root without Android?

Hello sounds, I am a clash of clans Farmer and I Farme very often and also very happy. However, I have tired of looking perpetual and have searched the Internet for solutions and that is this "autosearch mod" surfaced. To do this normally you would have to be mobile rooten and download the app xmod. But since I got my HTC One m8 recently I do not want rooten my cellphone. Therefore, I ask you whether there were any other way the function autosearch without the mobile phone is to root.

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Moinsen. As I suspect you are looking for solutions as you get loot and thereby come in higher then. I can only to blue stacks and WinAutomation advise. The whole thing is set in within 15 minutes. By the way, you also get about 120xp per hour. So alternate WinAutomation so that your bogi Queen every half minute, the second goblin camp attacks. You get it for 2xp destroyed town hall. So you're almost permanently online, preventing attacks on your base. You can also in all the rest mineral make empty. The only "disadvantage": every 6 hours you will be kicked out of the game anyway and you need NEN pc eats 24/7 electricity. Several weeks running this method with me properly .. hf and gl

Ps. Video I will soon post some as the whole exactly funzt.

Only on the PC, you INSTALLING blue stacks and NEN offered, plus autoıt to entscripten to the file.

My opinion: Either you do it yourself, or you let it! For cheats I give no help .... sad that there is such a player.

No, Game Just

No only with root

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