Is there auserirdische Inteligenz?

What do you think there are extraterrestrial intelligence, ie aliens are at least as intelligent as we are human? and if so, what do you think how many races there are and what they look like?

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Hello! They will be available and the appearance can only speculate. You must not even be materially in our sense. There are least 100 billion galaxies, each with 100 billion suns and accordingly many planets. Nature has as many attempts - we will certainly not be alone. There are aliens but if they are sometimes reach the earth hardly can destroy something - we do just themselves.

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There is an old Mayan legend of 13 crystal skulls. The Mitchell Hedges crystal skull is made of clear rock crystal and was impossible against the direction of growth of the crystal Polished, with today's technology. The crystal would break immediately. Even though to the skull is always at the same place it changes from time to time his weight up to a kilo. In the book "The prophecies of the Crystal Skull Corazon de luz" is mentioned, the time humans taught astrology, astronomy and mathematics of two lightful old star races of Sirium and the Pleiades. These two races have already reached the last Darseinsstadium and have learned and internalized all the lessons. They only consist of light and have no body. But are able their oscillation frequency decrease so that they are visible to others. Otherwise, they are invisible to most people "transcendent" precisely.

Sure there are aliens. However, we do not know where and how far they are away. This is a communication problem. Are more than a few light years away, then take a message out exactly as long as the number of light-years in years. eg 2,000 light years, if then someone had sent there a message to Jesus times, eg "Is Someone?" then could other 2000 years the answer: come back, "Yes". Probability at 100 billion galaxies, each with 100 billion stars, each of which 100000 ste; however a lively planet has überweältigend high.

I think yes, because atom compounds are finite. In addition, our basic building blocks, the amino acids came from somewhere in the corner;)

Hello KathrinKK,

Yes, there are, however, "the situation" somewhat differently than expected :)

there are several "material" universes, ours is only one, and they were all made by the creative ur-matrix / god, the ur thoughts from the ur-energy. Every universe is divided into different levels / dimensions, "slipped" on the back a universal matrix is ​​made of the material form of the particular universe is created.

the current stand is that most people awareness and thus build their connection to this matrix / god partially. many take even true that the global matrix / Gaia (connection among the people on the earth) exists. this is not the only matrix, it widens out into our solar system - our galaxy - our universe.

quantum awareness / exists god, everything is connected.

once the "awakening" took place, running in the physical body of man a "consciousness-reset" from - it recognizes the the material world on the earth an illusion is to keep people for slaves and not to be aware of. once took place reset, are gradually share the ur-dna "unlocked", the perception changes, the third eye / pineal gland becomes active and change the whole thinking pattern that was "hammered" us from an early age that.

live everything springs from a source and everything is connected.

of death exists only in our heads and to constantly remind ourselves to enjoy live and to do everything, our body - can identify with most people - the transience of this earth as pleasant as possible to make - the biggest lie of humanity.

jesus christ has us fooled people to what we, when we recognize our heritage and accept are in a position to act to god through the connection, to draw and create.

koaha e


my personal opinion is as follows: If there is intelligent life, then this is really just as well developed as humanity. If these intelligence superior to us, they would have very likely already found or contacted.

If true, that there are infinitely many infinitely big universes in hyperspace theory, there are an infinite number of races.

How might they look like? Comes probably quite strongly on the planet on which they live. Water Planet - floating critters planet with much gravity - probably only small critters or things with extremely strong legs (probably four).

When you consider how many galaxies there are and how many stars there are in our galaxy alone, then it is very unlikely that there will be intelligent life alone on Earth.

we are NOT the exception. that's for sure

how they look, is as unknown as the deep seas of

what do you think has hollywood from the reality, the look of the alien? there is little gray? there is perhaps even human-like? the construction of our body which indeed were not so improbable.

So, after interesting cancellation, up again, .... I have time!

Is there auserirdische intelligence?

It is 4 species enter visit for some time the earth!

One should even look like people and be indistinguishable.

I myself have been spotted 2 UFOs, which I was also convinced that she / human origin were not earthly!

It is quite likely that there are extraterrestrial intelligence.

Yes, I think that there are intelligent aliens.

Allegedly living in the US some aliens as military advisor (according to the Exverteidigungsminister of Canada). But I do not believe that aliens receive occasional contact with people. Reason: I am the most important person on earth. Would aliens enter, then why come to me. So far, however, none yet existed.

How many species (please do not speak of races) are there? In our galaxy, with its 200 billion star systems some 100 alien species, I guess.

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