Is this a closed purchase contract yes or no

Is this a closed purchase contract In relation to the statement "an apparent assessment Pending" I confirm the purchase of the transmission above, in detail; Transmission of Hanomag Granit 501E-S 48PS, sprinter 28km / h, 5500Bstd in full working order and without undue alien noise. The shifts were to removing the gearbox without scratching possible the amount of the purchase price is 1100.-Euro and will be handed over upon delivery of the transmission, at the earliest on 04/19/2015 Bar. An Apparent evaluation is still pending. Best regards

Seller I am selling is private buyer receives the goods has not previously watched

The best answer

Heme ???

1. As the purchase was made?

2. Each oral (!) Or written (!) Purchase is a contract, always, it comes just depends on whether you can prove to the contract, so the oral especially. (Witnesses)

3. What of yourself When someone buys, so with you a contract verbally, on the phone or on paper makes email and has not looked before, then IS BEING PROBLEM! :-) (Suitcase auctions at the airport is a good example, you buy because the CAT IN SACK and everything is legal, but if afterwards not the transmission is as described, biste off the must you then sue)

4. As long as you do not have the money, the whole process has not been completed and because You ask if that is a valid contract, the buyer has probably verdünnisiert, right? :)

5. Since you have sue for fulfillment of the purchase contract and must prove the purchase / contract, through emails, letters / contracts or WITNESSES who were there.

6. This is expensive :-)

As a seller, I would have such a contract is not completed if you are unlucky, it can you go rather expensive. Or is that not the whole text of the contract?

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