Is this good or bad for the dog?

Hi. I wanted to ask you whether I with my 10 year old dog can still walk by bike or is not good for the dog?

The best answer

Traben is even very easy on the joints. Respectively all uniform motion.

My dog ​​has a little HD and problems with the knee. But we're still driving regularly scooter. My TA and my physio aunt told them as long trot is very good and also helps in muscle building.

Solang the dog is still not fitt and after 2 meters collapses can wheel drive

Sure you can do that as long as the dog is fit only vlt you should pay attention that makes the dog regularly break and not be overworked and not every day rather every 3 days

hope could help Lolli

You can do it even once for slow taste go if he does not mind should work already :)!

I've even done with my until he was 14th Of course I have my pace always adapted him I did not want to overwhelm him.

If the dog is still fit and no complaints not HAT why? :)

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