is this normal with my parents?

Hey..also I (17) now live are 1 year with my cousin and their man (foster parent). Following problem; they want to know everything or or When I was at the hairdresser's and on the way meet my sister and those which say nothing, say that they cal ... find the heimlichtuerreih ..

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At 17 you should start your own life to build. There are parents, where the children will be taken away when the children too much mothering as does your PF. That's a No. Talk it out openly with them and tell them that you just have a private life as and because you're almost an adult, you have to prepare yourself for an independent life. That is the goal of a foster home. Coincidentally, I am familiar with such things a bit, so I tell the so sweeping. The foster home as family assistance should you enable individual development and prepare you for a life of its own. This monitoring is pretty much the exact opposite.

It will indeed have his reasons why you live with foster parents. And probably they want to protect you too much, because they indeed have responsibility for yourself. Therefore they fit a little better care of yourself. Record's not blame them.

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