Is this outfit them well suited for school?

Question stands up, thanks for reply!

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The shoes and the jacket are perfectly ok.

But as lederhosen for men, I personally absolutely not nice. It is also very very warm in such a pants.

I would recommend you, if you want to have as a pair of pants in leather look like, there are those jeans that have such a leather look. They look even more beautiful even with such sneakers.

Red Sneakers in itself I find super nice if the are well combined.

The overall outfit like the picture I do not find beautiful. It looks very bleak and daunting. Not only for the school and for everyday life.

Depends on. If you want your teachers have no prejudice towards you and do not be stamped as "Gangster", then I would at least the cap and the hood to lose weight but may also make the leather look trousers at home.

do you have so ne batman mask? then isses top

I find it looks really good :)

in any case .. that model like ..

I find it bit exaggerated but goes

As long as the cap is deposited in the classroom, I find it really okay :) Is a matter of taste but I think it's good actually!

Why not?

When my son (he is actually too young) soetwas wanted to wear to school, I did not know what to speak about it.

However, the cap is one taken in the classroom.

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