Is this PC recommended (320 €)?

http: // ... this PC is recommended for lazy sacks that do not feel like a PC itself to build? Or is the PC a Verarsche? Have just € 320 and am considering buying the !!! (Black Ops 2 low in 1920x1080)

The best answer

Unfortunately, the PC is not even enough for the games you mentioned. For 500 you get an acceptable finished PC, zusmengebauten 400 oneself. But these are not upgradeable and are therefore not recommended. I recommend a budget of approximately € 600 assembled itself.

Upgrade pc. Since no disk is indoors, etc. Apart from the gamble absolutely unsuitable.

Guaranteed to gamble nix :( savings rather continue below 600 € there hardly anything halfway clever! For new games Ac5 so everything is not suitable below 900 € genuine

Date: 2012-01-01 Views: 165
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