Islam own dog?

Hi I am 12 and have there times ne question ... I wish amazing for my later life a baby chiuaua. I like small dogs and very've got a question whether it is haram in islam a baby dog ​​owning who you do not clean leaves as where to pray. (Apartment)

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The dog is a creature Gottes.Wenn You treat your future dog well, this will surely not be for you a disadvantage.

a dog should to feel at home, living with you in your wohung -if that your faith does not allow - then you get because of love to a dog please no dog!


I have to tell you about what your faith you now?

It is often said that Islam forbids the dog ownership - which he does not. We find nowhere in the Koran a ban on dogs, an explanation of its impurity or that they were even infectious and disease-transmitting. On the contrary. In the Koran dogs and their owners are mentioned only positive. It is even believed to be accurate, eating what the well-trained dog begins and brings his Lord as food ..... makes sense if its saliva is reportedly considered impure?

You can find passages in the Koran, in which sleep good believers with their dogs. A place where it was described, dogs do not belong to the house, are you looking for but in vain. Dogs are natural companions of people. This is no different in the Koran.

The prejudices and Able Hung against dogs based on some misunderstood and misinterpreted hadith (these are the statements and reports of the Prophet Mohammed in the Koran) and the consequential traditions. Mohammed was, incidentally, cat lovers and how many cat lovers, he had seemingly anything against dogs.

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bn `Umar (r) reported heard say that he the Messenger of Allaah (s):" Whoever keeps a dog, except for hunting or livestock guard dogs, from whose salary (for good deeds) are everyday deducted two Qirat. " (Bukhari and Muslim)

Why my answer has been deleted ???

Slowly but surely it's here to quite unfair ...

So again: said of you dog breed is: Chihuahua ...

And the puppies do not stay very long little baby dog.

Most user here and generally most of dog owners live with their dogs as family members in their apartments and houses.

Quite apart from any limitations by your faith:

Who should forbid you to have your own dog when you grow up and independently?

As long as you live as minor child with your family, you have to insert into the course which is common in your family!

Many Devout keep dogs for haram except as herding dogs. The "toy dogs" are not accepted.

Islam is something shizophren on this issue - Dog is useful, it is ok, is dog just for fun, it is not a religion ok.Ich personally would call into question that makes me such rules. Ultimately it is your decision if you can believe it with your verreinbaren - which has rather nothing to do with any of Koran interpretations.

whom you do not get in there can be where to pray. (Apartment)

I mean you hopffe only the space where you pray, not the whole house.

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