Isostar contains at 100g, 70g sucrose. Does that contains the ISOStart on 100g 70g sugar?


Sucrose is but another word for white granulated sugar or? - If so, then the drink contains "Isostar" 70g sugar per 100g There are 70g sucrose?

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There are various beverage powder of Isostar. meet your specifications at "Hydrate & Perform". When finished beverage has a sugar content of 56 grams per liter - that is much less than is contained in most fruit juices or sodas.

On the Isostar website can be found among the ingredients the way quite unadorned "sugar".

  • Yeah right.
  • Sucrose is common table sugar.

Correctly! Isostar contains 70 grams of sugar (granulated sugar)!

Should not drink unless one intensively operates sports you!

Sucrose is a disaccharide of glucose and fructose, nothing more than ordinary table sugar. Who says something different, should again go back to school.

The solubility of sugar in water at 20 degrees, incidentally, about 200 grams per 100 grams of water. Hard to believe but true: 200 grams of sugar dissolve in 100 ml of water !!!!!

Even the verrücktest sugared drink has no 70 per 100 g drink. That would no longer liquid. And by "iso" could then be no speech. Not more than 70g per 100g powdered drink.

Well, the drink does not contain 70% sugar. But the instant powder already. Ka is dissolved in how much water the.

Kannste in the bin kloppen, the stuff is unhealthy übelst - sugar water stop.

Nonsense, if that would be all sugar, then it would make it bold - not to say that it would not unhealthy ... why this stuff is yet explicitly mentioned sucrose! How much sugar the can contains, you must stop itself extrapolate. But imagine you before how big a bag of sugar and what you it reinschüttetst in you ...;)))

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