It is an a dog when you take him from the shelter?

Hello, I wanted to buy myself a dog, and I now read that you can hollow against a "protection fee" at the shelter dogs and puppies. Exactly why it is called "nominal charge"?

And that may now indeed sound stupid, but what is the difference between a dog to adopt, and to buy a dog? Own my dog ​​from a shelter when I Adopt him?

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Either way you adopt him. He is supposed to be a family member, and not an object.

In both you pay money in both sub you write a contract. A dog breed is legally your property, a shelter dog is always the property of the shelter (since they want to protect legal order, if the animal is badly maintained that they then can it bring back). You are only the holder, not the owner. The nominal charge only serves that people

  1. see also a financial value in the animal, which protects it from cruelty to animals, as there are some scare an animal just to get it to torment, kill, etc.
  2. the shelter for costs that caused the animal is compensated and then can hold. Usually, the placement fee goes anyway it directly for the remaining animals.

Unlike breeders, animal shelters do with it no profit.

The heard the dog not complete, you are not alone holders, but will only co-operator.

The nominal charge or donation is not a real nominal charge nor a donation, but the price for the acquiring a the Mithalterrechte.

Yes, there is a difference, a dog means bkaufen that you'll sole holder, so you can endscheiden Only, what, when doing with your dog and as long as you Haelst to valid law, the third can to exclude access to your dog. In contrast to earn with as a partner, the right to an animal shelter dog, so at least the majority of contracts. Thus, the losing organization must intervene very far as long as their demands are not contrary to applicable law .. You must insofar deny everything essential to the shelter ..... imerhin remain the holder also

Nominal fee is synonymous with purchase price. If you paid the price / nominal fee, you heard the dog itself. Of course most of a trial period during which you can return it and follow-ups in which it can be you also withdrawn ...

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