It shines and glitters. What is this stone?

Hello everybody,

I now go at a walk a stone found shining nice and glitters. can anyone tell me what is the stone for one and / or such as sparkle comes about?

I have a video from stone taken and uploaded:

Thanks and best regards

The best answer

Hello Max123210,

first you can only really see from the video that it is slag or lava, with any of these requirements and inclusions!

Serious manner it must be said that for other provisions, the pictures are out of focus!



The photo is unfortunately very blurry. I recognize it, especially limonite / goethite (an Fe-mineral) and possibly small pyrite inclusions. If one finds frequently as in Siegerland.

If the two images may be somewhat sharper?

Video does not work (for me). Photo add - is also better because it is more meaningful than "Freeze" for the assignment.

The stone has apparently quartz inclusions. Pretty.

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