Itchy skin + pimples formation?

Hello So are a few days itches my skin on the face very terrible .. to the cheeks, behind the ears, chin, neck and forehead are not visible pimples that itch, most itch on his temple and forehead .. I do not know which comes. I've never had problems with impure skin (except the nose, but then also not correct pimples) This has come suddenly are .. 3 or 4 days? Could it be that I react to something allergic? Be a week, I use a new powder could be because it? I have long since ceased Made up has not yet got used to my skin? but otherwise I had no problem when I started it again after ner time .. I'm 15 and had something in the art ever in the 6th grade, as have my cake near the ears itched and there were so tiny pimples, but then eventually went by himself away. At my diet, it can not be too, I have not changed. Knew any of you what that might be, or what I can do? Had super nice :)

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The powder may be natural! Otherwise, one probably if you have taken a new drug?

Vllt you probiest it first with a lot of care and less makeup, so ne cooling moisturizer or mask! Or classic cucumber. Cooling can stop the itching!

I wish you success! :)

Try with black cumin oil Kanukaöl ointment that helps reliably and quickly. The itching disappears abruptly and sustainable.

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It may also be that you have dry skin (get) you.

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