Itunes cards / credit on all apple devices?

Hello, So I have a macbook air and an I Phone 6 and got me but never this I Tunes cards brought and because I wanted to buy both for my Mac as well as for my I Phone respectively mind. an app, I wanted to ask if the credit can then be used for both, thank you in advance in advance! :)

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So if you have both the same AppleID and you now for example on your Iphone credits it invite you both devices access it. And with the app: it depends on whether you both the same app will. If this should be the case, you buy the app only once and can then free the other unit load. If you want two different apps you need to really look at the watch and if your guthabem enough.

Have fun ;)

If you are using on all devices the same Apple ID for the store, then you have the credit for both, Macbook Air and iPhone.

So if you have both devices have the same Apple ID then is the balance on both devices.

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