iTunes movie downloads canceled?

So I borrowed yesterday in ihunes Robocop for € 5 and itunes closed although there was an indication where what with download there was but I thought it is really nothing to the movie happen and have it then closed anschliesend itunes. but then I have just now where I wanted to watch Robocop seen is it mor not appear yesterday it appeared still under borrowed or what stands there now he eats away he is not even shown me more in purchases and I wanted to know how I to can make movie again I have not even opened it yesterday and he was supposed to be 30Tag there and if I had opened it then it is more likely about only disappear in 23 hours. Therefore I ask for a DETAILED description and when it comes that still makes their screenshots and highlighted where I need to click on it. I also made the a MacBook Air all. Please promptly respond and please help me is very important GNZ well.

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In iTunes in the iTunes Store on your account you can transfer your purchases retrieve and if there is a problem sending a message to Apple. Have I done already with Apps & audiobooks.
Then, Apple employees should get back to you in no time.

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