IUD yes o no?

Hello, I would like to switch to lower another contraceptive! What are your experiences with the spiral? A friend of mine said it zb.das at 2Freundinnen of her having sex bothered (print / pull). Another friend of mine has become zb.trotzdem pregnant. Lg

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So I personally can recommend the copper chain much they use almost 2 years and am very satisfied. The chain is a new development of conventional spiral and is highly recommended, especially for young girls who want to prevent without hormones.

The chain has many advantages over the spiral - less severe bleeding, fewer side effects, no problems with the fit -> therefore no abdominal and back pain as one often will notice in the spiral. It is particularly suitable for young women (it affects the future fertility do not !!!) I find a long-term method of contraception without hormones is right for me. Works for 5 years, without hormones, Pearl index is 0.1-0.5 thus very safe, and you can not forget them or commit application error. Sexually we have never felt so far. The liner has hurt .... but it's really unbearable .... the whole was after 10 minutes (including ultrasound and preliminary investigation) already over .... and after that I had a little stomach ache .... as in the period also. I find it that you then for 5 years, no more worries with the prevention, because you can sometimes just clench their teeth .... but again: for every woman it seems to be different .... I wanted after that in bed lie and a friend of mine is gone after just shopping;) .... if you fear have great pain, just check with your GyneFix physician, he is able to take appropriate measures. http://www.verhueten-gynefix.de /gynefix-aerzteliste/gynefix-arzte.php

Since there are many different opinions, it may be more that one bit can not tolerate ... because you should talk about it and then decide with you all may be quite different ... good luck with your Fraunearzt :-)

The copper IUD is quite uncertain, as opposed to the IUS. You also get more stronger and more painful monthly periods. In comparison, you hardly do not get in the IUS to its period. The onset is quite painful for both versions, so for all the effort you should at least have put a secure spiral. Would be annoying to what one nevertheless it outputs become pregnant despite the pain and all the money.

I've now spoken to her. And it is superior to me. Since I probably no longer tolerate the pill

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