Japan Travel - How much?

I preferably make before September 2 weeks holiday in Japan, Tokyo. Now I wondered how much money it will cost about me, so flights, accommodation and board Shop Now times without additional.

Since I've heard from all sides something else, I wanted to see what the community says. If you've ever been on holiday in Japan, how much did you the approx cost?

by the way I've heard that the flight is to be there the most expensive, it's true anyway?

The best answer

I am Japanese and was already 5 times in japan and the Flühe cost per person to € 800-1000 Then hotel is just different all depends on where and how long how many strerne ... And you have to eat not always in expensive restaurants .. can you indeed anywhere fast eating noodles so but japan is generally quite expensive DERS due only to yourself you can have with a lot of it likely comes indeed it on how much you buy since going

the depends on your needs. You kannste a 3 star or 5 star hotel book that makes then quite a few Euros difference. You can on street stand your buy food or in the most expensive restaurant ..... Then, the air is quickly only a fraction of the total amount.

Hab usually the opposite features to the flight not everything is eaten.

Speaking of food: beer is as expensive .. and you should not be so stupid to invite several colleagues to eat, which can be ruinous solely on price.

About as much as two weeks in Australia.

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