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Can anyone recommend a good Japanese children's books? Best for primary school children are just learning the language, with Hiragana / Katakana and Kanji with little.

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If you even want to learn it, then these are the worst materials that you can buy as a beginner. Especially children and Maerchenbuecher are interspersed with classical grammar and difficult vocabulary and the fact that hardly used Kanji, the whole thing again a corner harder. Added to this is still a lack of cultural knowledge.

As a beginner you should to your teaching materials hold (= textbooks; posed by the teacher material; possibly related to their own JLPT level texts), since all of these materials have undergone a necessary didactic, allowing beginners about anything to do with it.

Until you can sensibly googling themselves in Japanese and evaluate appropriate pages, you should to original sources without.

I have a children's book at www.tagaki.de concerned.

It contains also Kanji, which are provided with Furigana.

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