Java can not be installed (Windows 7 Ultimate)

My father has restored me recently my PC when I brought to crash him. However, Java is not, as almost always, pre-installed! I tried to install it and then the message came (see picture →

). I click again then on the top (I do not remember what it says), but it is still not installed! I would be very happy about help!

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something can have many different causes. have you paid attention to 32 / 64bit version? just as an example

"However, Java does not, as almost always, pre-installed". no, java is never installed. if so, then you have only some oem version used in which any seller / pc together teller java has practically already installed.

Uninstall by the system controller all software that is not combined with Java. Then restart your PC. Then install Java 32-bit. Then restart your PC. If you have a 64-bit PC, then install Java 64-bit extra person. Then restart.

In most cases, Java runs then easily.

What a architecture has your OS? So 32 or 64 bit?

And you have just taken the Java Installer?

Otherwise just once download the Offline Version:

Or try Java 7.


Optionally, you should download an older version of Java.

Look in the fixes in

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