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hallihallo've made a website at jimdo and selected the free package. Now comes an email that I'm testing the business package and it is the free trial. Everything ok so far. But the Business package costs and I'm afraid that I will have to pay after the test phase. what should I do? and if they install the Business Package, how can I then return to the free version back? you have ever had experience with it?

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The test is non-binding. If you do not umsteigst to the paid version, then your business page will be easily converted back to a Free Website.


Robert of Website Tool Tester

I also at Jimdo website and a business package you can test only a week. Then you return to the normal. This is as it were a "gift" of Jimdo so you can test the premium services.

As long as you pay for nothing, they can send you take money out of your pocket.

Hey myself own a Jimdo website. After the 30 days of the trial of Jimdo Buissnes version, your page is automatically switched back to Jimdo Free.

Anyway, you do not have to pay. Only when you umsteigst on one of two paid versions of Jimdo. But that is not at Jimdo cockpit and you may forever, use the free package.

I hope maybe could you help.

Greeting Yannik

Did you data such as address, phone number or even given payment method?

If so, I'm sorry but you should from the internet rather out stay

If not, it may not matter to you

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