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So I will (most likely) start in the winter semester my studies and am just considering how I can make money the way. My studies will be very, very intense learning. Therefore, the part-time job should I ever do not get too stressed out. Waiters is therefore not an option in advance. Do you know such jobs (ca 400-600 euros) which can be managed well by the way. Student loans do not request, because I do not want to be in debt at an early age.

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Hello MrBaus,

I was in the same situation as you and still am. I myself am a student and needed a job in which I can be flexible and much deserved, because I also wanted to apply for a student loan or student loan ..

Then I started my own, ie registered a trade. Now I have been working for over two years as an independent cleaner. Was not a problem with logging and for me personally to make money the best way alongside their studies. By independence can you uncover all dates and are just mega flexible while studying. A couple girls from my degree program have also started their own but make promotion .. However, I hear from them a lot of negative.

Can highly recommend you so .. so cleaning of student to student, if you after what flexible looking ;-) After more than two years I have reached 16.60 hourly wage ..

LG Max

You could start at a supermarket a temporary job. Otherwise, just look at times on the Internet, there are many ways super and some gigs available only for students. Just enter in google Aushilfsjob and location.

Waiters can also be fully unstressful, I work in a bar where it evening maximum goes up 2 including clean up, etc. of 7h evening to 2h at night is really okay weekends. Otherwise you need when working alongside their studies just watch out for child support and student loans, but seems to be an issue with you. It has a student an allowance in the year of 8000irgendwas Euro. Waiters is often stop bar on the hand which is very cool. So how about sounds with you even once work on the show totally makes sense?

Good-time jobs, check the student union, in online job or temporary employment agencies.

Student loans you should apply aufjedenfall !!!!!!!

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