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Hi, I have a husky dog ​​who is now 6 months. I want to go in summer jogging or cycling, that is, they would be in the summer in July 9 months, and in October 10 months in Septemper 11 months and on 9 October it will be a year. Do you think I can because even a little jog round go with her even if she is only 10 months:

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I think that is no problem, jog on garkeinen case. Because you do not so quickly läufts and a Husky needs anyway a lot of movement and would be if he can run! cycling I would start maybe little later. But when jogging that is eventually used, you can also begin to drive slowly with her bicycle yes.

Hello! The will you most certainly can and so small the Round must not be. The important thing is that he enjoys and it is safe and that you have water here. This little dog is often like 10 with an acquaintance in the age - run 15 km away. And of course he sollter at least be somewhat trained and geared to you. Cycling could way too quickly become for him.

I wish you a beautiful Sunday.

By jogging and cycling You can not start too early. Only when he's good 1 year old:

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