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what are your favorite learning methods with which you can watch the learning material best remember?

I've already tried so many things, but unfortunately all gone when I sit in the exam. Become very nervous, although I am well prepared.

What can I do?

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Hey, I am trying times to pass on my teaching methods. I regret to say that I leren not much because I usually once read something and this fact really never forget. (This is not just based on learning xD)


Against Blackouts you can actually make one thing: Relax. Do not stress. Do not think you have to get a good grade. For if you do you only own pressure.

During a working class you can stop, close your eyes for instant, but calm your mind. Speech you one myself, that you can do the class work. It does not matter what grade you get, as long as you all writing tasks. If you firmly hang on a task, go ahead and fix these at the end.

While learning, make every 10 minutes. a break of 2 minutes and sit back. Drinking something.

If you come from school, eat only a little, and do not start directly with learning. Wait 1-2 hours if you plan anything.

When it comes to vocabulary, be sure to try the foreign language vocabulary (we assume simply times English) recite in the head repeatedly to keep repeating. Then bring the German with, and everything turns. So I do that if I have to memorize what quickly me. ^^

Otherwise you take words that you you can difficult to remember, write it on, and stick them to you directly in front of your nose. For example, at a desk or in places where you aufhälst you often.

One can also make good with math formulas. In the formulas, it is important that you understand how this works. You have to understand the meaning behind it.

I would say on the whole that you should hang all the important things and facts somewhere.

In addition, spot himself questions and answer them. Tests the questions every now and then convert, etc.

The text has now become unfortunately but longer than planned, but I wish you good luck anyway.


Make your own crib sheet and then the test I know what to because labels is. Maintenance I learn what is memorized on the cheat sheet. :-)

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