Jump a hip endoprosthesis

In July 2013, after repeated postponement an endoprosthesis "gewechsel" t.Stationäre REHA was abgelehnt.Bis now, in February 2014, I have to go with a crutch, Bin of the force and of the balance not to run into the situation "normal" without to stürzen.Mei orthopedist told me "encouraging" them können.Ich probably never walk properly Wess not remember what had I do soll.Suche by a dedicated response unlucky! Surgical Errors? Predisposition? Was my life brisk walkers. 79 years alt.Multimorbid! But nM vital and mentally fit. To Erklärung.Die primary prosthesis 20ß7 eingesetzt.Bereit was first symptoms (pain) after 2 years. 2x for each "put through the wringer" in hospital .Entlassen by saying "change is not necessary." 2012 TRMIN determined but due to stent deployment (Heart) again six months postponed.

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