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Thank people for the first Helpful Antowroten. Man wants but always real do manchemal incorrect away sight simple little good advice helps nicely to make the right decision. Now I have a question for you.

my bitch (Cassie) is laüfig (first time) and I will now kastriern or sterilisiern. She's shepherd dog months old mix now. 9 can anyone give me some tips if it wäres good for them or not, according kastriern she is still in heat? When is the right time for kastrien? in June she has appointment for vaccination.

thank you

The best answer

Speak to your vet about the right time to castrate.

What that concerns yes / no you have to decide ultimately in consultation with your veterinarian. Particularly when neutered early development of the bitch is changed or stopped by the missing hormones. That is, they might remain childish and never develops into the "adult dog". This may be desirable, as well as the discontinuation end heat with blood, affectionate dogs and ev. Gezicke. On the other hand, it is an intervention in the natural development of convenience for people.

In females is through surgical procedures is also a risk that the dog is incontinent.

I'm sure there will be a lot of conflicting opinions now. Lies all, read in search engines again Pro / Contra castration, be discussed with the veterinarian and then decide according to your needs and those of your dog.

A dog should be allowed only castrated if he has health problems. Say uterine inflammation or tremendous stress.

Everything else is just mutilation.

If you are afraid of unwanted pregnancies, then I must tell you, fit better. Castration should never be done out of convenience, but only when the animal brings health enormous benefits, or health simply is necessary.

Castration spared no education. If your dog does not listen on a leash, then educate him.

Of course, a dog is after castration no longer in heat, that's the whole point.

It may nevertheless occur that the animal is a false pregnancy.

I seem to hear me, that you should castrate the dog between the 1 and the 3 heat (if there is a health need).

It all depends on why you want to castrate a dog. Is she stressed when she is in heat? If yes, it is to be useful castrate them if no, then it can save them to neuter you ...

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