Kater makes me not sleep at night

Hi, I have the following problem: I have a young cat, he is about nine months old. However, since a few months he has developed macke me at night to wake up just yet. When I go to bed he lies down next to me at first, and sleep peacefully and after about 2 hours it starts with uninterrupted canoodling. He runs down my face and about me. Tried everything possible to get headboard on my. Although I briefly with him schmuse it only gets worse. fling him in the evening, unfortunately, does not help and I can not lock him there then he screams and knadenlos As for my walls. I would also not lock him. So he now robs me already for ages to sleep. unfortunately ignore also does not help and I am now completely at a loss. Do you have tips to get him at night?

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Hello, arise93. The cat is now in the right Flegelalter, grinning, called the human puberty, and applies also what he needs for life. These actually heard a cat buddy at about the same age, where you have been to serve as a substitute. With all due respect, is really not an insult to be a Miserable, because you can not ride him with his tongue in her ear, brushing times quickly if it itches him there and he nix aligns with his paw. He, however, can not manicured cats wrestling hold with you and cucumbers on the scratching post that is thrown around, you pluck a lint from the fur. The gender does not matter, both have to be neutered halt, the cat probably hardly indiscriminately to produce offspring in the neighborhood. Where a cat has space, also a Second feels comfortable while you'll have fun with their faxes. LG + Happy you.

Actually one should check the pet before At length to one because then you would surely also heard that cats are not loners, and should be kept at least in pairs, especially baby cats. You might think times about it, to get the little ones still a lad in about the same age, because then they can deal with each other at night or fight and you have your peace and must not serve as a sparring partner. Cats are now times crepuscular and nocturnal animals and it will take a while until the cat is accustomed to your rhythm.

you describe a typical apartment single cat isolated too young. very affectionate (located on the individual attitude plus lack stamping on man through to early mother loss), nocturnal and chronically underutilized and because only you're there he tries to wake you up

since it was only socialized incomplete it should be when then soon socialized. early isolation will make him otherwise relatively early are incompatible

Lives cat alone without conspecific in the apartment? Then a playmate might be helpful. He pump iron much better than it works with a human. It would make even the impression that he has a surplus of energy. Should a second cat for some reason do not come into question, then the only solution is locked out. The initial maunzen certainly would subside if he had become accustomed.

You only have this a hangover? No other cat that fits the age and / or character unto him?

Cats are nocturnal and crepuscular. No wonder he keeps you awake at night, especially if it lacks an appropriate conspecific

Indoor cats and kittens are not believed individually:


I would like to get even a conspecifics from the shelter to, but that's unfortunately currently not yet. Have already played with the idea that this could help. But unfortunately that will have to wait.

I would also like to say at the I definitely do not want him to throw out of my bedroom. Have tried it a long time and it is also no peace. My wall has therefore no wallpaper more and I want him happy night for me who I'm working all day long and also for me to hear that he sleeps with me

Hi there, possibly the opportunity to take a second cat? Or rauszulassen him on the balcony, patio, garden? That would certainly be for him first the nicest solution.

Otherwise, I would drive up the hours of play and has been moved to the morning or afternoon. Would also look at him not only physically but also mentally utilize, but I would start with him clickers. So you may have more fun, and definitely less scratches in dealing with him and he learns something new and must turn his head;)

Bring up! Pushing him away and face asleep. Will take and is exhausting.

Here is a person who has the most staying power? You or tomcat.

Also, I do not want to shut him

If you do not act consistently, you will educate the animal well.

Cats need tough, consistent rules, otherwise they dance you literally on the head.

For me, the cat would be kicked out - if necessary even in a high arc.

Cats resolve, among themselves not everything with cuddling.

Although I briefly with him schmuse it only gets worse.

You have the hangover subconsciously taught that you cuddles with him when he at night "terrorized" you. You have to ignore him, and very consistently. Although it is hard at first and you're totally annoyed. It may take weeks, but eventually he will understand that his nocturnal disturbances bring nothing.

After all, the cat was so consistently to educate you by his conduct to the fact that you've cuddled with him whenever he wanted. :-))))

Ever heard of that cats are nocturnal animals? It is obvious that such a young animal has not yet become accustomed to the rhythm of the people. So Give him time.

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