Kater missing dog or at something else?


So my cat is meowing all the time on, I gave him attention and food and water he has enough. But he meows usually only when he goes to the old sleeping place of our dog. My cat has grown up with the dog, and has understood well with him. Only we had to give the dog because he has stolen all the time and eaten out of the garbage.

So again ask for actual, it may be that my cat missed the dog or is it perhaps something else?

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Hello FailLord 2014 I think but that you wanted today bring a punch line, but to leave a dog because he steals and eats out of the garbage?. This alone Add this animal does not record you as positive animal lover and who knows what else you anstellst, the cat, the course missed your playmates .to calm. I would you suggest Keeping animals completely abandon the You have no idea. NG

it may be that missing my cat the dog

yes, it is of course possible. Cats also need company and now his friend lacks!

The dog leave just because he has stolen, is not a nice train !. As an educational problem was present, which could have been corrected!

A family member is deports not easy, because it has become inconvenient.

Today is Shrove Monday or what?

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