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Hi I'm new here and I have an important and urgent question ... So och have at home a 4 year old domestic cat. She is rather shy, but when we come and sit down to cuddle and lie with us. I wish now for 10 years a dog, my family agreed finally. But the problem? Will the treaties? There should be a little more older dog The animals would max. 4 hours a day alone at home! If someone experiences has please report ♡

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Have you any friends (relatives, friends, neighbors ...) with katzenverträglichem dog, so that you can the reaction of your cat to try?

Instead of (or before) your you At length a dog, procured but check out a second cat. The individual attitude of indoor cats is not appropriate to the species:


You must log (read the whole family) to adjust a few days entirely on the two and definitely take you time: http://www.pfotenteam.com/?a=1&t=0&y=3001&r=0&n=246&c=25&amp .. ,

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