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People I refer precisely pension, because it is limited but I go now I pay 190 euros rent with my father I heard that the Social Office that accepts in the work area of ​​a workshop for the disabled. The room is large and 14,4qm I have 20 sqm net Share of housing just my room by my room plus the nichz make shared spaces 40 sqm Earnings 0.26 times the 80 sqm make shared spaces (living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, hall) wanted ask whether this is okay if I cold and if I ask 25 euros for heating costs and 25 for the extra expenses when I am eventually rely on the grußi 140

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Heard you always much. But if it really is true is another question. First you live times with your father. So when one of my children would be short of money, then I would ask him no rent charged. Thus, you could save 190 €. What kind of a father.

Your arithmetic I do not understand. You have a room which is 14 square meters in size, or even pay for unused spaces.

Purely legal I see it like this: Since you're not a "Harz", you also have no right to housing subsidy. You have in the community in which you are registered to apply for a rent allowance. Therefore you have to prove but the lease.

So if you want to officially specify a rental fee to collect money, but unofficially living free with your father, then does not work that way.

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