keep dog just outside?

Hello, we have a German Shepherd 9 months old. We want to buy us a house with large garden, can the dog then only in the garden keep in the kennel (warm)?

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Of course you can a dog exclusively in the garden if you want to. I had a dog (also shepherd) who was most like the whole day near close the gate and looked who was passing. He was also happy times with us inside, but many times he went eventually to the door and wanted to get out. A dog that we had later, however, was completely different and was best in our neighborhood when we were in the garden, she was outside, otherwise they were close to us in the house.

Maybe you watching just what in the new environment to you and fits the dog. Finally, neither you nor the Forum are prophets here. If your dog likes to be outdoors, why deny him if he is dear with you, he will let you remember.

You can easily the dog in the kennel hold. The need not be heated times. You you need only a bed and a chair in the kennel ask because your dog needs first 24 hours your vicinity. Later he can learn again to stay 4 to 5 hours alone after you have utilized him with sufficient mental work and exercise. For the next few months I would recommend an outdoor sleeping bag.

A dog - especially a puppy - to put alone in a kennel is cruel!

I knew someone who in such property mainly held his Doberman large kennel and let him just seeeeeeeehr sporadically into the house. The animal has become about 10 years old and to my knowledge has never been seriously ill.

can operate such an attitude manner theoretically! Whether it is really recommended, but I can not say. Sure to come also on the robustness of a breed.

In doubt YOU ASK times a veterinary.

Hm, I know people that their dogs in the kennel individually hold, well I do not think that but. Them as a couple, it is already ok for me. Know two Dobis living in the kennel. During the day they walk the dog and can prop always out in the garden, at night the kennel is open so that they look after the land. dogs gefällts: D

What is important is simply that the dog is not alone. Dogs are pack animals, and even if offered kennels, she is not oke when the dog is alone. So you buy either a second or bring the dog into the house :) Of course you can make an insulated doghouse in the garden and daytime let the dog just outside, which then does not bother him so much. But the dog wants to contact his pack and he is to take, as if you forbid us to speak

Well farmers have decades handled husband also times the watchdogs ..I am absolutely against kennel attitude mostly it leads in the long term it, the only vicious dogs to ranzüchtet and not automatically a dog automatically rehabilitated by a two dog .. I think that's just sad ..selbst owner of a Doberman man closes his eyes gottseidankt on his blanket in the warm ..

Theoretically it would go but a dog is a family member and it does not lock you out why should not he be allowed into the house?

because if you the dog is just outside kannman often holds no proper bond build because you yourself are not always inthe near as the home of the event

Why must the dog no longer as pack animal alone sit around the house and to the kennel? For what has a dog.

I think of kennel Hakl Tung absolutely nothing at all. I think it's animal cruelty no matter how big the kennel is. A dog belongs to the family and around the clock.

the temperature would the dog maybe like outside, but be excluded from the family certainly not.

If you ensure that the dog has plenty of room and it really protected in the kennel (from the wind, against minus temperatures, etc.), it might work. However, it is also strongly of dog and breed pending.

then you can the dog in the garden only keep in the kennel

why do you contemplate wanting something do to the dog? The dog has lived at least 9 months within his pack (in the family) and is now living marginalized and isolated?

What do you think how the dog will feel it?

With security and rightly so the dog will protest and barking all day, whining and howling ... something then comes in the neighborhood "good"!

@ Peterpani111,

I think your idea to keep the dog only outside, is not a good idea.

Dogs are pack animals and feel only in packs really well. My dog ​​I will always have with me; I would never keep them out.



I think if you bring a dog should live with the consequences;)

why should the dog because not the house ???

a dog to live close to his people ... if you move into a kennel with dog -Then it's ok ... otherwise!

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