keep dog on leash left or right? And why?

Hi, I see many people their dog on a leash to the left but keep why?

The best answer

Hi, it was used to be that a dog should be kept on the left, but I have to be instructed me, and from a chiropractor that it is not good when a dog is held only on one side, arise where very often tensions postural, simply because the dog always trying somehow to rule or mistress looking up, so as not to miss any details. So it is best to take his dog on each side times.


, there are a few myths. A know chat union (!) Document I have not found on the fast. Four statements I know this:

-Police / Military affairs - the right weapon and left the dog - Private hist area right the lady -. Left the dog - currently, pedestrians are the traffic going towards, and thus lead the dog from the street side facing away.

My dog ​​running time left times right when we meet people or other animals, he is always running so that I as a "buffer" acting

I myself a dog and he's big so I give him on his right hand because I'm always there more

Because they have a carpal tunnel at the wrist right? Or an imaginary gun over his shoulder and clear? Or an actual (Hunter)? One does not know ;) ...

My dog ​​goes right or left, as we please. And on roads always on the opposite side.

That should each handle as it is the most sensible for him.

I have the canvas according as where the dogs run, which always run off the road. And if I was still doing something else so do bags etc.

it's pups matter where the leash is, anyone can hold the leash as he wants you to you hanging around the neck.

My dog runs right! To me it seems more reasonable to carry the dog on the pavement remote road! If all would do so, there would not be so much fuss when one comes another dog owners with counter dog! :)

The "Links scheme" probably comes from earlier times when the gun was right worn. Anyway, you get the so tells us in the dog school.

If you're right handed, automatically right but better on the side where the dog can not purely race in bicycles or pedestrians and where grass is

To the skillful right hand free to have for another.

Because simply run around so many "imaginary" with a gun, what is "right" carries. So you have the dog lead just left, so that the "imaginary gun" him not dangling in his face ....

Say ... it still belongs to the Stone Age and is no longer valid! Some "stone-approved regulations" it is still a must! But now we live in the 21st century, with more traffic and many dogs on the street, so you should also the here and now adjust his mindset ...

so you have to popeln free right hand.

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