Keep raw, sliced ​​potatoes ?!

Wants to make a potato evening. But have then no more time to cut the potatoes and would like to do now. Can I, thinly sliced ​​potatoes also just put in water and (around 18:00) process further evening today? How to's for whole potatoes indeed do? Hope someone can give me a tip quickly. Thanks in advance!

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Yes - simply cover completely with water, otherwise they turn.

I always do I but pack in a pot of water must consider komplet the potatoes.

Yes you can, but then all the vitamins are flutes gegangen.Aber when the times even makes is not wild.

you can complete the casserole already prepared and then this evening only put in the oven ..

but take cold water, cover it up and down in the fridge!

Prepare all judgment before and tonight then only in the oven!

That's no problem at all;-)

Yes happened in the water there with nothing!

Yes you can

Yes you can

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