Key or lock down?

Hey guys!

When I came home at night yesterday, the door was not open unfortunately. I was the key though easily stuck in the lock, but it was not to turn. Shortly before I could turn the key from the inside without any problem.

This morning I phoned my landlord, but the thought that it had no one else contacted him, the castle was so fine and I had to try again very sensible it easy. Has of course, nothing helped.

My question now is: Can this really be the key if I can use this normal from inside, but from the outside? My neighbors seem so loud the lessor no problem to have. But a key is still within two hours in the case not just broken and if he indeed from one side still works, which may not be because, right?

Thanks in advance for the help!

The best answer

exactly exactly the same problem I had recently also .... from one day to the other I could not unlock the front door (multiple dwelling) from the outside .... key went into the lock but did not turn around ..... from the inside, however, it worked fine .................. ultimately I had to leave, make a new key from the owner I also wanted to let you (42 euros) .....

Of course, your key (and the lock) may be so worn that the function is no longer given.

Of course, a that when you rammed the wrong night in the cylinder, the right bent and thus can not introduce all his teeth were damaged or zusitzen lateral holes with dirt.

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