Keyboard and mouse problem?!?

Hello I have for days stutter play or perform slowly when I press a key on my keyboard (previously ran the games properly) and though I give my XBox controllers connect through them also back to normal what is this or how can I fix it? thank you in advance


Mouse: Roccat kone Pure keyboard Roccat Isku FX Controller: XBox 360 Controller (corded) graphics card: NVidta Geforce GTX 660 Motherboard: AMD A8-6600K APU Operating System: Windows 7 Professional 8 GB Ram

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When's wireless keyboard and mouse, I can imagine only ne weak battery as an explanation, what you have to be already come alone. Otherwise look times whether you relatively little nebenherlaufende things to do while you zockst from purposes of FPS and / or update just once drivers. sometimes works wonders

Seems to lie on the keyboard. Have you other keyboards where you could test ed?

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