Keypad does not work properly

Hello community,

I have a laptop, so an older model ... now I let my desktop übern TV Show (via VGA cable) and so I do not hang so close before I have a radio set (consisting of mouse (which was long overdue ) and from keyboard (with numeric / numeric keypad)). Since I have the radio set with the Lappy connected, I get out any number from the numeric keypad, of course, the NUM LOCK key is pressed (ie the keypad is turned on). Nachde I have examined the package, I found out that the wireless set is compatible with my current OS (Win7).

Since I myself like to try something I've tried whether the number pad tried and now not even the funtkioniert :(

It would possibly even of that I have a keyboard (as external, separately) to it had, since the keyboard is compatible but only for Win 2000 / Win Viesta / Win XP I have to merhmaligen anruffen the support of the dealer this keyboard returned because among other things because the number pad did not work.

Now comes the ridiculous to the whole thing: on my Lappy are multiple user accounts and because if I want to enter the PW since all function keypads (of the Lappy and also of the radio set)!

Can you help me? Unfortunately, I do not advise further.

Thanks in advance Micama

The best answer

I figured it out ... In the Control function "mouse keyboard" was activated. Do not ask me how I came to it.

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