Kidney pain - how and what can I do?

Hello everybody,

yesterday I drank 2 liters Brennesseltee and 2 liters of water (water balance). Evening I then already noticed that I easily start kidney on the left to ache. I thought nothing of it and have caught me with a hot water bottle to bed. This morning I am to work and have a slight pull pinned in the left side, but thought that comes just still yesterday. Meanwhile the pain but become stronger and moderate low back pain in the coccyx area have been added. Since I am at work, I can not go to the doctor before Thursday.

Can anyone tell me what could be and what home remedies it gives me ((drink a lot I do already)

The best answer

perhaps Was that a bit too much of the good. would if it will not get better in any case to the doctor. - If necessary at night go to the medical Dotdienst. get well

You should definitely go to the doctor. The health comes first! Especially with kidney problems is not to be trifled with.

perhaps helps this page to continue:

What can I do?

Go to the doctor and do what he says. Bubbles / Nierentee helps possibly also.

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