Killing a police dog

If a suspect a police dog - with what punishment he has to reckon that? A dog is legally speaking an object. Is that something else, because the dog "in service" was?

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I think that counts as criminal damage, in doubt even as obstruction of police.

And I quite certainly do not know that ^^

As crime I can think of an ad hoc:

Report Animal Welfare Act in coincidence with property damage.

Depending on the circumstances of the killing of human beings even resisting law enforcement officers.

What is, however, be quite violent, is the exact amount of damages. Depending on the design myself € 20,000 due to (Sprengstoffspuerhund).

Damage to property and killing of a vertebrate.

An object is a dog only when it comes to the damage, otherwise the Teirschutzgesetz, which prohibits and assigned punishment to hurt or kill win vertebrate without a compelling reason applies. So here come before 2 offenses and 2 Laws concerning the application. Vandalism and cruelty to animals. A police dog should also have considerable material value, of course, must also be replaced.

Especially you'll civilly to pay for a fully trained police dog. Since loose 10,000 euros due!

The police dog service is unfortunately only a dog ...

A police dog enjoys some privileges, but he suffers as well from an injury as an "ordinary" dog - me a fatal injury died of a police dog and just like the "ordinary" dog ...

When people carry a dog disgusting enough, from life to death, they are guilty of violations of the German Animal Protection Act ...

To what extent this will be punished accordingly in court - it judges to decide ...

A dog is legally speaking not an object, it is protected through animal welfare laws. therefore this misconception persists because animals are property of their owner. That is, as long as a valid animal protection law says otherwise, the law must be applied, in general, so protect my articles my things.

There is nothing else because the dog "in service" was.

That's vandalism.

Fined and maybe a small suspended sentence to

Sorry, it lacks a "kill" in the question.

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