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knows her good children serials. So from age 3 in the style of Benamin example, Bibbi us Hanni .......

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The whole series of Astrid Lindgren :) Pippi Longstocking, we Bullerby, the children from the Troublemaker Street, Lönneberga (I hope the namesakes for a while is, her). They are great in any case! :)

The known radio plays for children have been certainly called: Pippi Longstocking, Pumuckl, The small ghost, Astrid Lindgren general, Jules Verne (from 3 might rather not?). But I would as a parent check it out anyway in advance, and set before the little one does not "crap". It does not always Bibi be Children's Audio Stories Downloads. Http: // -... there are very many. As you maybe can listen once and then download those radio plays or audiobooks that you deem for your child at each age as meaningful. Anyway, listen to children like over and over again the same radio play. So it may not necessarily masse many children his radio plays, to make the child happy ... sometimes a few rich very much part of radio plays, to ask the little ones happy.

Hello! I got me as a child very happy "Lizzy from Eichistern / Lizzy flying to Desert Star" belongs. Back then it was Fantastically :)

Max and Moritz, the easy to understand 2 scoundrels funny hörspiel & ideal for kids ^^

The jungle Book!

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