Knee Pain - bursitis

Hello zsm ... I for several weeks / months problems with my knees ... And I get severe pain shortly after or while I did sports / do. when I jog 20mins or 1hr schwimmtraing hab ... The pain then the whole knee and hold for several days and the knee swells slightly. I was already at the doctor and this meant that I should come back if it gets worse. Now I called again at the doctor, but this has only in 5Wochen an appointment. you have to do what I can do until then so that the pain is low? Lg kati

I'm 15

The best answer

if you want to go to any other doctor, you will only your knee as much as possible to schonen.falls you but made sport have and it swells again you should cool and your leg hochlegen.auch you could do quark winding. \ _29201

get well !! :-)

....... To another doctor (GP) go,

if it is the bursa and is thick, water has formed.

This must be removed.

Then the pain is gone.

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