Kniebandage too big ... is an exchange?

Yesterday get prescribed a bandage for the knee and this brought directly in the medical supply store ... but it slips when always wear down. Think it is too large.

My question is whether I this still could trade less for a number or I would need for a new recipe?

White someone here?

The best answer

You mean the (mostly blue) Medicom rail? A decent Sanitätshaus measures your leg (or estimated approximately the right size). There are 4 different sizes (S - M - L - XL) and / or different lengths. Way the seller on his "negligence" back and ask for exchange.

You surely get a cash receipt - if this bandage was prescribed by prescription, you simply go back and asking a smaller bandage, so swapping to easy. A new prescription is not necessary here, would you probably do not get. Then the cashier would have to pay twice, once for a bandage that you do not wear. lg Lilo

You can try to exchange the bandage in medical supply store. Since the support is not broken, but you have no right, with which you can force it.

As long as the old bandage still new appears, therefore not - or at least not for long - was born, I see the chance of a conversion to high since the medical supply store is no harm, but have a satisfied customer ..

The bandage is not necessarily too small. I guess your leg was measured previously.

Often slip those knee braces, because the contour of the leg is above thicker than thin down.

Ask times in your medical supply store to skin adhesive. The looks like a roll-on deodorant. You pull the bandage so that it is seated properly and hit the upper edge by about two finger widths. On the skin, which was previously under the bandage, you rollerst rundrum some skin glue, fold back bandage again, press it down slightly and finished.

Just go to the house and paramedical klär the then on. Depends safely together with the kulanz

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