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Hi Guys,

which knife (to be exact, a Karambit) you can recommend me? A carriage of which is not allowed, or? I'd quite like me to buy a knife, but do not want to violate the law. Perhaps you can even suggest one to me.

The best answer

Karambit Knife deemed cutting and thrust weapons:

http: // ...

Therefore, according to the Weapons Act §2 (1) is handling (purchase, ownership) for adults only.

After WaffG §42a (1) no. 1, the driving of such knives in public is prohibited.

Run is not having clemensw already very well described.

If you are still one wish, look at times the Cold Steel Steel Tiger on. I think this is currently the best on the market (without Customs).

Here various models are listed with Price: http: // __mk_de_DE =% C3% 85M% C3% 85% C5% BD% C3% 95% C3% 91 ...?

Find the most beautifully simple with black handle and shiny blade.

Perhaps also a suitable for you here?

I'd also like to carry!

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