Köln50667 song episode 544 - Kevin finds dog

Hello dear, anyone of you the song of today was at Cologne as Kevin and Chantal have the dog found?

On the Internet there are indeed ne tracklist but since I have the song somehow not again.

I would be really happy if the song anyone knows!

best regards

The best answer

Hello MaryMelmac,

so you too can help someone of the consignment has not seen or can not remember the song, seeking it out please the exact location (time) out, so that we can listen to us: http://rtl2now.rtl2.de/ koeln-50667/50667-koeln-follow-544.php? container_id = 197343 ...

Hello I'm looking for from the sequence also a song which was played in the Kunstbar, I could not hear what the Inca said there.

Hey, would also like to know how the song is, unfortunately, there are problems with my internet, so I can not look at it again to me the episode on RTL2Now. Would be very grateful if you could provide me with the title.

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