KPS lawyers are fraudsters or a real company?

Hey, I have desöfteren something ordered on eBay, always the money was accordingly departed from my account after I have for months ordered anything on eBay or the like, I had to call a letter from BFS Risk in the mailbox, then KPS lawyers, these me very often with different numbers and also write me SMS .. I should have ordered something on eBay in value of 20 € only here is never something arrived much I ordered something that I should contact PayPal. said and done. I called there and asked what I should have ordered, of course I got a snotty response .: "You must know what you ordered ..." and hung up, then I no longer reacted to the writing of KPS, it was quite a while resting, for that I have to say it was ordered something worth 20 € and then I should pay € 116, then € 102, then you have come to me at 45 € counter after I wrote an email there , was first rest day came another letter and my service, instead € 102 to pay now only 52 €, now I want one of you like to know if KPS Lawyers are crooks or if all that is rightfully?

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If you have not ordered, there is also no entitlement to payment. Please provide accurate information what you should have, when and where ordered. Basically something but a rip-off !!!

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