Krankmeldung after Easter Monday for Saturday

Hello everybody,

I work in retail and was about to drive to work. let I did but then his stomach as it technically do not feel well (early yesterday not). My question now is, because Monday's holiday if my doctor can write sick for me today retroactively. MfG

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Guidelines of the Federal Joint Committee concerning the assessment of incapacity and the measures for the gradual reintegration (work disability policies) in the version of 1 December 2003, last amended on 19 September 2006:

§ 5, paragraph 3

The incapacity should in principle not be certified for lying before the first use of the physician's time. A backdating of commencement of incapacity for work from before the start of treatment day is like a retrospective certificate of the persistence of disability only in exceptional cases and only after careful examination and usually permitted only up to two days.

As of today Saturday but three days would retroactively, it can not accept the present day with the AU.

Go to emergency service ...

I would call the doctor on call and go to the respective doctor.

You should now go to a Doctor and can you issue a AU. For retroactive can not write AU your GP.

Call your family doctor, he should make a home visit with you. No doctor will write you on Tuesday for Saturday sick. Or from the clinic. Otherwise, you have to go to work.

The medical emergency service does not issue sick notes. Drive rather hospitalized.

Good improvement and Happy Easter!

Thanks for all your answers, now have found ne solution :)

called again belongings at work and asked if I can instead take NEN vacation, since I can not leave the house.

Problem solved and makes NEN less bad impression.

Thanks again for the many quick responses


Yes what now? :) Someone exactly please know

a practitioner may retroactively write any AU. go now to the emergency service.

Yes, he can.

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