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  1. Should we accept as an employer, a sick note via sms?

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Neither yes or not. Legislation requires that the AG must be informed, but not how. A sick note can therefore by messenger, by telephone, email, fax or SMS. Where SMS is rather unappealing but. But is purely legally the OK.

"The employee must notify the employer immediately in the inability to work and its probable duration." §5 Entgeltfortzahlungsgesetz

For the notification (Info-duty) that could possibly sufficiency. But the information must be detected arrive (which is not possible with SMS) with your employer. With prolonged sick leave (over three days) has a written sick leave (certificate / certificate of disability from your doctor) be sent by post.

You must ensure that your message arrives on time. The transmission path is not required by law. But if there is no guarantee that someone reads the SMS immediately, you can get in trouble.

Sick notes via SMS, I would only recommend if the organization has signaled that this approach is in order.

I would me by phone to the Forensic contact the can tell you whether it is legal or not

SMS is very uncertain, you do not know so, when the other reads / replaced. Call.

Then is also the question of what the AG accepted. That is, must he does not have.

Read it here

http: // ...

The message You can do as you like, by phone normally. The medical certificate must be no later than the 3rd day available to the employer, this may determine that these be submitted as early as 1 day. If you make the message via SMS, you will in case of litigation badly to prove that the boss has this condition or read.

You have time to look into your arbeitsvertrag if there is like the sick message must be sent.

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