Krieger name for sting paw / Warrior Cats

Stachel paw is one of the main characters in my story, and the best friend of night paw.

https: //www./frage/kriegername-fuer-nachtpfote- foundin = user-profile ...?

She is a small female with spiky gray-black fur and blue eyes What do you warriors name ??

Thanks in advance;)

"River spring"

The best answer

Stach Staffelsee, sting shadow, sting touch, spiked flower, spiked heart

Hello river spring! If it helps, I have gathered here, many "last name":

  1. fur
  2. heart
  3. claw
  4. fur
  5. tail
  6. tooth
  7. eye
  8. beard
  9. belly
  10. view
  11. chest
  12. spot
  13. flake
  14. foot
  15. face
  16. shine
  17. hair
  18. claw
  19. scar
  20. nose
  21. ear
  22. snout
  23. speckle
  24. roaming
  25. paw
  26. lightning
  27. fishing
  28. blow
  29. leap
  30. silence
  31. ash
  32. berry
  33. sheet
  34. flower
  35. blossom
  36. fire
  37. breeze
  38. breaking
  39. dusk
  40. thunder
  41. mandrel
  42. haze
  43. echo
  44. ice cream
  45. case
  46. fern
  47. feather
  48. rock
  49. fire
  50. flame
  51. wing
  52. flow
  53. frost
  54. spark
  55. glow
  56. breath
  57. sky
  58. light
  59. song
  60. moon
  61. night
  62. fog
  63. smoke
  64. rain
  65. crack
  66. rose
  67. redness
  68. shadow
  69. bill
  70. snow
  71. wing
  72. lake
  73. Sun
  74. splinter
  75. dust
  76. stone
  77. storm
  78. dew
  79. pond
  80. drops
  81. pond
  82. bird
  83. wave
  84. wind
  85. whirl
  86. cloud
  87. branch

Good luck! Regenfarn :)

Stachel pond, sting claw, sting teeth, sting flame sting glance sting paw, fur sting, sting fur, Stach Staffelsee, Sting Frost, sting horror, spiked claw, sting Eight, sting ear, Sting flight, sting spring

I find thorn blossom, gooseberry and spiked tail at its best.

How's she like? I mean the character ago.

So I would say thorn fur or sting breast that are in my opinion good name, have fun while writing :)

Hi I am Silberstern the leader of the flames Clans (Website: Because you live like in a real clan and you can train as a student and then be warriors or healers. I have created him first and I am glad when you come stop by. LG Silberstern

Sting leaf, thorn fur, thorn claw, sting claw, sting heart, thorn spirit, thorn sun, thorn tail, thorn sky, stachelglut, thorn grazing, thorn spring, thorn jump, sting moon, thorn cloud, thorn bush, stachelfuß, porcupine rock thorn river, porcupine paw, thorn bird ... Hope could help;) ( and read it confused when I know

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